Monday, August 31, 2009

Pick and Choose

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No stories here tonight. I just have a lot on my mind in the area of a lot of different topics..

Here's the start... While at work a couple days ago an article surfaces about Mandatory government flu vaccines. Everyone is upset. The back story is that the PDA, C.D.C and W.H.O are trying to make Swine flu Vaccines Mandatory no matter religious belief or health. If refused you are deemed a felon of the state, terrorist level. Subject to immediate quarantine and imprisonment for an indefinite period of time at a FEMA camp. Hmm.. I watch alot of Zombie movies and that's how this crap starts.. anyway. People are outraged HOW CAN THE GOVERNMENT TAKE AWAY MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE... That's all I hear. "Its not their choice what I do w my body" "I should be able to decide on my own.." over and over. I agree completely. No government should be able to step in and tell ME what I can and cannot do with my body. Its my right to choose. Its a free country, founded on the rights of the PEOPLE to make their own choice no matter what. Our Pursuit of Happiness. Hmm.. Does this sound familiar?? At all??? Hows this.. I am a woman and its MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE.. I am Gay and Its my right to Choose.. MY choice with MY body on if I continue a pregnancy, My right to decide for my reasons to keep a baby or take the Plan B pill or Birth Control in General. My right as an American to CHOOSE to marry or not. Not based on religion or God or higher convictions but the basis of the country being FREE. Even God's own law, Free will choice. HOWEVER what I find is a lot of people outraged that THEY may not be able to make the choice for something like a vaccination but are the first in line to say a woman doesn't have the right to her own body then they bounce to another line saying a same sex couple don't deserve the right to be married or adopt a child. What about freedom? What about our rights?

We cannot pick and choose or hop across the fence when it suits us. If you are going to stand strong, STAND STRONG even if it means it effects you negatively. You disagree with something like our freedom and our choice taken away for a vaccine, then disagree with a woman's right stripped from her or a couples right to love and marriage and family. and STOP basing everything you want in this country off one book written BY MEN thousands of years ago that assumes everyone in the country has the same religious belief. If we make laws and punishment based solely off one religion then we are falling into the same pattern of the country we are at war with trying to "free" their citizens.

We are a country based on a melting pot of races, religious beliefs and convictions, we have laws that protects us to Stand up and speak our mind, we are supposed to be ran BY THE PEOPLE. So lets start doing it. Oppose a mandatory vaccine IF YOU BELIEVE ITS WRONG, and oppose anything else that takes away our right to choose.

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