Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guilty Mom Confessions

I think I will probably add to this one along the way but here are some of my top guilty confessions in no particular order.. Feel free to add yours too!

1. My son eats PB&J probably more than any other food. Luckily its organic peanut butter and fresh fruit preserves on whole wheat bread, but still that cant be great.

2. He also doesnt really know any kids songs but can sure sing the words to Mumford & Sons, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Christina Perri, etc. I should feel worse about this but I dont.

3. Day before payday lunch for N: PB&J (surprise) on crackers. Yep.

4. When Im having an "off mommy day" and I use an impatient tone with N. He immediately lets me know with a similar tone.

5. My kids watch way too much TV. Its just so much easier when dishes need to be done, floors vacuumed, and showers taken to have the TV on to distract. This will hopefully be remedied soon.

OK y'all those are the top 5 guilty mom confessions for now. These are obviously just the things in life that arent majorly serious. The blog couldnt be long enough to cover every real parenting mistake Ive made nor would I want to throw myself into the spiral of depression rehashing all those memories and "off" days. Ill add more to come as Im sure they will come about. :)


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