Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Hodgepodge of topics

After this week I have so many small things to talk about I'm just going to lump them all together.

      First off I had my first swallowing experience.. Ugh. N was down for rest time and I'm doing my daily chores, suddenly I hear N crying in bed so I go in and the conversation goes as follows. Me: Why are you crying baby? N: Because my penny is lost (He had found a penny on the floor and wanted to save it in his piggy bank for a new toy) Me: Where'd you loose it at? N: (points to his tummy) Down my throat Me: You swallowed it?!? N: Yes ma'am Me: WHY? N: Because I wanted to take it to Walmart and I didn't want to forget it. ::Me smacking my palm to my head:: Me: Ok do you need to throw it up? N: No don't worry mama I will poop it out my booty later. Awesome. So what does any self respecting mommy do? I run to the laptop and Google it. (well after I posted it to Facebook) and I'm am comforted that many other Mommy Bloggers have posted on similar experiences. He's pooped frequently since but I haven't seen a penny in there even though he swears he pooped it out already. Prob going to need to call the Dr soon. Just in case.
    I'm in the midst of trying to "green" my apartment as much as possible and save on electricity. At the risk of sounding old I remember when $70 in an apartment was high and now I face close to $150 a month for my bill which some would say is low. So this week I installed an outdoor clothesline to line dry my diapers, jeans, sheets etc. to save on my electric bill. The exact same day my dryer broke (is no longer blowing hot air) So now I get to see how having no dryer will decrease my bill. Its been slightly challenging but I did successfully keep up on my normal 3 loads of laundry yesterday with only line drying so YAY! I actually feel pretty good about it. Still testing different remedies to cure the stiffer clothes though.
    Yesterday being 4th of July I wanted Baby M's 1st 4th of July to be awesome so Sunday we drove 30 mins to the lake and sat patiently waiting for the fireworks to get greeted with with a storm and cancelled fireworks. As I reload Baby M into his car seat and my Hubby loads N into his car seat with the sharp rain pounding I am sobbing. N loves fireworks and I could tell he was disappointed in the few local ones we had seen. Not to mention the gas wasted driving there and back. This plunges me into a terrible funk since I was the one pushing to go to the lake. So back to the uncontrollable sobbing while we drive back home in the rain I turn and apologize to N for letting him down to which my adorable 3 yr responds with "It's Ok Mama! We will see more tomorrow and I had fun. I got to see a mountain, water, fish and a fountain and some fireworks. Don't cry I had fun!" Which made me cry harder at his compassion for me. It paid off though because yesterday we tucked Baby M in bed at 830 and sat outside on our patio, ate dinner and watched the fireworks go off around the area. N loved it! He got to stay up late and when I asked if he was done he said "Yes thank you mama for the fireworks, I'm tired I'm going to bed now" Makes Saturday all better.
So its been a week of mixed emotions and revisiting my Love & Logic book to make sure I have taken a deep breath and keeping my voice tone even and empathetic before giving out the consequences. I think we are doing better. Parenting is a constantly evolving and learning experiences. I just need to keep reminding myself of that. 

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