Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In light of the Verdict

The last Casey Anthony thing Im going to post is in the confusion of the verdict and wondering how she could do what she did, dont add "how could a mother do that to her child?" Like the old saying "Going to church doesnt make anymore of a Christian, than standing in a garage makes you a car" Having a child doesnt make you a mother and having a vagina doesnt make you a woman. Being a mother is a minute by minute choice to be selfish enough to make sure youre healthy and unselfish to do whatever needs to be done to be there for you child and provide for them. Its the choice to have a piece of you walk around outside of yourself and to groom a human to be better than you were or are. Being a woman is to be strong, assertive, loving, gentle, caring, compassionate, nurturing, etc. To take care of her house, her family and her life. You aren't just born that way, you make yourself that way. Being a drunken party girl that dances on tables does not make you a woman and having a baby you dont want doesnt make you a mother. Its make your parts work. Congrats. Now grow up. If you cant handle being a mom thats fine. It really is, maybe consider that before you have unprotected sex though. If you cant handle being a mom then give her up for adoption, sign over your rights to a friend or family member. If you dont want to grow up that fast too bad, you felt grown enough to drink and have sex now you have to be grown up enough to make hard choices. Or maybe Im giving her and girls like her too much credit... Maybe shes just a psycho. Who knows. I do believe wholeheartedly in karma. Ive had it come back on me good and bad. And Im not worried about the not guilty verdict. Im confused but not worried. She (and any other neglectful abusive mothers) cannot run away from whats coming to her. WE may not see it as the public but she will know, and now Caylee is in a place she cant be harmed any longer.

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