Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Before you were born we dreamed of you..

..we imagined you, we prayed for you...

Yep that is an actual picture. We are pregnant! I kind of feel bad for my child like tantrum toward God but I'm sure he will understand the emotions and be ok. 

The brief but whole story behind it was I wanted to test Monday morning but J asked for us to wait until today to make sure. No visits from Aunt Flo so I went ahead and bought the tests and then yesterday N told me I had a baby in my belly he said "You're going to have a baby soon mama, the baby is in your tummy." I said "Is the baby big or little" and he said "Its small right now" and holds his fingers close together to how how small the baby is "Is it a boy baby like you, M and daddy or a girl baby like mommy" "Its a girl. Shes my baby sister" 
This morning I took a test and after many negative tests I got a positive this morning and told N "I have a baby in my belly!" He just looked at me, so I said "You knew that already didn't you?" And he just nodded his head w a smile. 
Well he was right about me being pregnant so maybe he will be right about a baby
I'm not going to turn the blog into some crazy prego blog, but I am going to do a weekly update on here as my pregnancy journal. Cant wait for the next 9 months and the experience that comes with it. <3

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