Sunday, September 18, 2011

Loved Beyond My Wildest Imagination

   Thinking today of how I view God and Jesus in a Christian biblical sense made me realize that the deep down thought I have of them is so very wrong. They are not the dictaing God-heads that demand your undying obedience but God is a loving gentle God that wants to hold and guide me through the storms of my life so that I dont only know how strong I am as a person but I know how loved I am just bc I am a child of the Universe.

   That thought is amazing to me and I still cant quite grasp the whole idea that I am loved even without doing something or proving my obedience in some way. It makes me reflect on my other relationships with friends, family, or even a or "enemy" and question do I love them unconditionally? Can I stand in the face of them hurting me and love them anyway? I do it with my kids all the time. While they scream or cry I hold them tight and say "Its ok, I love you" Its something I need to do. I need to love people even when they hurt me and say "Its ok, I love you anyway"
 Eventually that love will overcome the hurt and I will just smile as they throw their childlike fit and say "Its ok, I know the way" And by filling myself w Spirit and Love it will radiate from me and I will show others the way by leading by example. Even if the only ones who learn from my lesson is my children, they are they most important and they will go on and show love to others. What an amazing place to come to after something as simple as a reading from a friend and a message at church. ♥

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