Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How does she do it?

I don't see myself as a supermom but I get asked a lot how I balance everything. Some days I feel like I'm juggling and barely keeping the balls in the air. Other days its seems so easily and simple I don't think twice about it. I've already posted about my schedule and keeping organized this post is more about keeping your sanity.
Sometimes I see moms complaining and think to myself "We want to be martyrs because that's what we are used to hearing from other moms for generations" I think we make it hard on ourselves when it doesn't always need to be. Here's my tips:

#1: Make A Schedule.

One thing I do is give myself a "clock out" time. After this time of night I'm off so to speak. Ill cook dinner and tend to my kids if they get out of bed, are sick, or had a bad dream just like a mom that works outside of the house. However I don't do anymore housework. Once my boys are in bed for the night I give myself 30 more mins to finish up the end of the day stuff like vacuuming and cleaning up the kitchen and then I'm off. The rest of my night is to have time to watch TV or movies, read a book or one on one time with my husband. Granted I still don't go to bed before midnight usually but that's because I'm a night owl. I also use this time at night to work out if I didn't have time that morning.

#2: Teach your kids to entertain themselves

Kids having the ability to play alone is just as important as you playing together and them playing with other children. They need to feel secure enough to be self sufficient in some areas. This also helps when you need a mental break during the day or you need to tend to housework, work out, or make dinner.

#3: Empower your kids to make their own choices and teach them through daily life and play.

If you're trying to cook and your kiddo is clinging to your apron then sit them up on the counter at a safe distance and teach them how to cook. Cooking is also a great math activity as well. If you're cleaning then give them a towel, have them help load or unload the dishes (Toddlers can handle the plastic unbreakable stuff) If they're too young for that invest in a wrap. They are life savers!

#4: Pick your battles

Ask yourself how much this will this matter in the long run then let it go if you can. Clothes don't always have to match and sometimes breakfast for dinner and mashed potatoes and green beans for breakfast is ok.                                                                                               

#5: Take a time out when you need it

Time outs aren't just for kids. If you feel like your head is going to explode, they can play alone for 5 mins while you take a few deep breaths

#6: 15 mins is your best friend
Grab your to do list and work on it for 15 mins then stop to play. By the end of the day everything is done and youre not overwhelmed.

Most of all take one day at a time and enjoy your babies because the won't be little long. I do a good job balancing everything usually and sometimes I don't. I'm lucky to have a supportive husband and family to help on the days I have cracked. So be gentle with yourself and do the best you can.

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