Sunday, July 1, 2012

Organizing and Routine

It occurred to me that I am incredibly anal about my daily routine and being organized. I'm a control freak, I admit it, I spent a few years being a run away from everything freak and it didn't benefit me very well so I like to have things done. I wanted to share my routine and some resources so other mamas trying to get some control on their day can get some ideas.

One of my favorite resources is FlyLady. She really gave me a foundation for my routine. I downloaded her app for my Android phone for a bit and then went with a new app call Chore List that I have customized for myself.
1. One of my favorite tips is instead of having a laundry day as soon as you wake up put a load of laundry on, switch and fold it (I'm terrible about the folding part so I have a folding day) It keeps from getting overwhelmed with a ton of dirty clothes.
2.Swish and Shine is another Fly Lady tip. While brushing your teeth during the rinse, wipe down your bathroom counter and mirror, when you're done and leave grab the dirty clothes to start for a wash. BAM! Your bathroom is always company ready!
3.I have 3 kids so I reserve floors and dishes for the last part of my day. While the boys eat dinner and the baby naps or I'm wearing him I wipe counters and load the dishwasher. Once they're in bed I run the vacuum and mop. No point in doing housework twice.
4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! My oldest is almost 5 yrs old, he has his list of contributions to the house. He's mainly responsible for the cleanliness of his own room. He shares with his brother who is only 19 mos so M helps a little. I'm teaching him to pick up and put away. N feeds the dog in the morning, his fish, takes care of his room, cleans his dishes from his spot at the table, and at the end of the day he picks up and puts away his toys with M's help. As the younger boys get older they will have their own set of responsibilities.
5. When you absolutely don't feel like cleaning do 15 minute bursts. Pick a chore and set a timer, clean for only 15 minutes then relax for 15. You can do anything for 15 mins.
6. Give yourself a "time off" My workday ends when I put the kids to bed. By bedtime I enjoy the nighttime routine with my boys then vacuum and I'm "off". No more dishes or folding etc. This gives you 3-4 hours depending on when you go to bed for adult time with your spouse or just you time.
7. Make sure your kids have a set bedtime routine. Consistency is imperative for this. Children need routines and stability. Giving yourself time off at the end of the day hinges on your kids ability to stay in bed and be comfortable going to bed on their own.
8. If you have a "big" cleaning day (Mine is usually Saturdays) Don't schedule errands for that day if possible. No reason to overwhelm yourself.
9. Never feel bad about saying "NO". Your family, your relationship, yourself, and your home comes first. Helping friends and extended family come second. Don't over extend yourself.
10. Set up a household hub station. I used the dishwasher rack idea from Pinterest. I have a binder with family info and folders for incoming mail, medical info, reciepts, warranty info, etc. It keeps everything right where you need it.
Perry Family Hub
Perry Family Hub

 Here's is my checklist routine to give you an idea:
Make the bed first thing (Makes your room feel better and you instantly feel like you've accomplished something)
Start a load of laundry
Help with toy clean up
Wash dishes
Clean counters
Take out trash and recycling
General living room clean up
Vacuum Living room
Before bed make breakfast for the older boys and set up bottles for over night feedings for Baby J
Set coffee maker up

Clean Bathrooms
Vacuum bedrooms
Change bed linens
Sweep front porch
Fold and put away clothes
Water plants
Wipe sliding door glass
Clean bedrooms
Clean kitty box

Vacuum furniture
Clean Playroom
Clean Microwave

Clean windows
Wash out trash cans
Clean fridge
Wipe walls, pictures etc
Wash curtains
Organize and throw out papers
Disinfect toys and rotate old toys

I hope this helps anyone get a routine of their own going. Downloading the apps def helps and Fly Lady is a wonderful resource!

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